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It Won't Stop…

my mind, that is. It’s as if God took His stir stick and stirred my mind as fast as He could. It just keeps swirling and very little is settling back down to the bottom.

Do you know how many colors there are in a pasture on the High Plains this time of year?

Can I do a disservice to certain loved ones by doing a service to 0ther loved ones? Do I have to pick?

Can my spiritual life get any deeper? Is there a place to finally say, “Ah, this is it.” ?

How can it be so hot in the sun and so cold in the shade on the same day?

Will I ever have the answers to all my questions, or when I finally meet God face to face will it just not matter any more?

Why does my husband love me so much?

Can my couch get any uglier?

Do I have to remember the bad stuff too?

See what I mean? I can’t even blog well as a topic just won’t settle.

I’ve been on the road for over a week now. Just arrived home today. I only have ≈8 loads of laundry to do. Although I’ve posted some, I haven’t been able to keep up with all my bloggy friends. I look forward to catching up with all the missed posts, and sitting in my recliner with my Bible and my dachshund with the velvety ears.

This month has been far from what was planned. And much can still happen. I am still asking for prayer for some very dear loved ones, and for me that I am able to serve where needed, able to hear the Spirit clearly about what I am to do.

One great thing I learned on the the road among many deeply inspiring things is that I can play in my art journal while driving (my husband driving that is)! You may have seen a portion of this. The rest I finished yesterday.

The text by the tree reads, “How many rings will I have when they chop me down? Or maybe I’ll just fall over and rot over many years & feed dainty funguses.” (Yes, I know it should be fungi.) What do the tree and the girl have in common? Why nothing. They just randomly ended up on the same page. Or perhaps I am the girl, and I am the tree.

amanda ∞

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  1. It is interesting. My mind sometimes does that, and sometimes I pray for peace so I can figure out when to do something and when not to. If you go with your images, the tree seems old and wise, and calm and thoughtful ready to handle all life intends. I think you are right about you being both. But what do I know, I am not psychologist, and I am not much of an artist. I hope you get your questions answered.

  2. beautiful!!! i love them both! i really love what you said about “will i ever have all the questions to my answers or will it not even matter when you meet God…” beautiful thought… and I think it won’t matter … you know that song… i can’t think of who sings it right now but the one about when you meet God will you kneel, or dance , or sing, or will you be able to speak at all?

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