It was it

EncaustiCamp was it. That big it. The kind of it that impacts how I live the rest of my life. It was the pivot point. It was the push. It was the magic-maker, the click, the ah ha. In June I spoke of being redirected. EncaustiCamp fulfilled the knowledge of the path.

Trish Baldwin Seggebruch pulled together the most gracious and generous teachers I have met, artists so comfortable with who they were that by sharing their stories, inspirations, personal artwork, and their own techniques, that they gave each of us the gift of liberty to be our true selves. Fear had no place. Instructors extraordinaire: Trish herself Michelle Belto-Schraub, Judy Wise, Crystal Neubauer, and Bridgette Guerzon Mills.

The bonding experience with the other campers was heartfelt and mutual. I remember attending my first Artfest and being so excited because I had found my tribe, a very large and vast tribe, but a creative tribe. Now I feel I have found my creative family. A beautiful sense of camaraderie, encouragement, and authentic interest was shared.

So where are all the photos, you ask? Well, my pictures stink. And I was very distracted learning and laughing, I really took very few. I invite you all to look at the pool of photos over at flickr for a taste of what I experienced.

Thanks to my amazing friend, Stephanie Greene, the true spirit of EncaustiCamp was captured.

I will also introduce you to some of my new family as the summer progresses. To get a taste, I’ve added many of their blogs to my sidebar. Indulge.

4 thoughts on “It was it

  1. alex castro ferreira says:

    It is definitely one of my favorites photos of you. You are georgeous radiant Happy. It looks like a before and after experience! i do understand it’s awesome.
    Can’t wait to see your new wax painting….Wish you the very best xo

  2. Crystal says:

    Amanda your blog is amazing. Your writing is so real, engaging, transparent, I want to sit here and read every post you’ve ever written! I read the redirected post and felt it resonating, the lies and fears, as well as the truths, thanks for putting yourself out there like this.
    And now I’m off to my studio – I too believe it is a time of worship~I’m so glad to have been able to meet you at EncaustiCamp and hope our paths cross again!

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