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I don’t like chemicals. I don’t like “scented” products. I like natural remedies and whole foods. Because of these preferences, I am always watching for good products that are meet my stringent requirements.

To avoid aluminum, I have been searching for a natural deodorant that really works FOR ME. I’ve had many people suggest great natural deodorants. Well, I’m just naturally stinky I guess, ’cause I’ve tried these wonder deodorants and they have each fallen flat.

When a friend of mine told me about the Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, I was quite skeptical. I’ve tried other salt deodorant stones and have not been satisfied with the results, but because she raved about it, I gave it a try.

Rock Salt Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone
It really works. I’ve waited a week to tell you all just to give it the ultimate sweaty test. I’ve used it once each day with the air conditioner off in a very warm house and have not been stinky at the end of the day. I’ve sweated. This product has really passed the stinky amanda test. No more having to refresh myself or change my shirt midday. I am smelly no more.

I found this product at my local health food store, but have heard it is also available at chain pharmacies such as CVS  and Walgreens. The price I paid was several dollars less than anything I’ve seen online. For those with the same dilemma I was experiencing, I suggest you give it a try.

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  1. So, no Twinkie-scented perfume for you, huh?

    Loved the Dino photos. Great photography, great photographer.

    Missed out, big time, we did, on that one. Sigh.

    I was hoping you’d be there. I missed your family. sigh
    And please, no Twinkie-scented anything! 🙂

  2. hi i too love everything natural but I opted for a brand called tawas crystal whuich you can buy in the uk now via there website supplied in stunning seashell addy is as above couk
    i thoroughly recommend it

    So glad! I’ve not seen this brand in the US.

  3. I love organic , whole foods, natural parenting and natural cleaning…. I’m totally crunchy I think … But there is no where here where I am to get natural deoderants… I have to shop online…. where online do you thin I could get it? hmmmm…. do you clean your house with vinegar? It is so awsome…

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