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It really happened

And this simple signature was all it took for us to become the long-awaited owners of a dream, a dream of a space in which we could work side-by-side as a creative team with our very different gifts, a dream of a creative hub of inclusion and education, a dream of not commuting to this place.

We took possession of our work/live space last weekend. An amazing troop of friends came to help us move, emphasis on AMAZING.

606 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 64109

606 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 64109

No longer bursting at the seams, we now have room for the work and studio space we have always longed for.


My studio will fit quite nicely right here. Our first gathering will be Sunday, April 1 for our monthly art journaling group.


We have miles of unpacking to do. Miles.


This has been one of the most stressful events of our lives. We continue to run a thriving video production company in the midst of the chaos. But we are rejoicing in the big thing, the dream come true, and in all the little things  (like finding my laptop charger)!

I encourage you to sign up for the Class & Studio Updates mailing list. As the studio becomes more settled, not only will the classes and workshops become more frequent, but I will have open studio hours. We can experiment and work on projects side-by-side during these times. And the guest artists will be arriving. We have even set up a guest artist bedroom for out-of-town instructors who will be teaching here. And I also want each and every one of you to receive the invitation to our Open Studio Celebration in which we will have amazing live music and just a general good time. So. Very. Exciting.

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