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Inspiration for Teacher

For our Keepers of the Faith group, I’ve been teaching an altered books class. The kids are having so much fun with the project. To begin, I got some board books from the thrift store and covered them all with gesso. The kids had a blank book to fill. Below are a few sample pages I made to teach them different techniques they could use.

Pencil, crayon, marker:

Crayon, scrapbook and other book paper, cotton, marker:

Stamp ink applied with damp paper towel, gaffer tape, playing cards, tags, photos, stamps, chalk pastels (works great to color the tape too):

I set aside three meetings to explore this project, but they have filled their books up in two meetings. The last meeting is next week and I am praying about what to do. I am leaning toward to teaching about blending colors with acrylic paints, and perhaps using this on a page they will collage. I’m lacking on the details though.

I’d thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs I’ve been perusing while searching for inspiration:

Follow Your Bliss 

Dispatch from LA

Art in the Garage

Thrifty Collage Artist

And if you have any ideas or links to share with me, please comment. I could use some help. 🙂

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I linked to you. I just barely started a craft blog, because I have some…Ummm… neglected craft projects I need to confess & finish. Thanks for the fodder.

  2. well hey i have some ideas! i teach art to kids everyweek! so if your done with the books but want to go along with the same ideas then , if you have some, get some watercolor crayons , and combine those with the collage. if theyre not done with the covers of the books then y ou could do somthing with that. one more thing! you could go back to that thrift store and get more board books or just any old books, and take them apart so that each kid either has a cover from a regular book , or a page from a board book , then let them paint AND collage all over them , then attach some string or ribbons to the back so they can hand their work of art. also if you go to you should find lots of ideas. thats where i go when i cant think of anything. 🙂

    Thanks for the great ideas, Sheri. I’m getting excited about this project! And I’m have fun trying the ideas out myself. 🙂

  3. Hi there! So glad that (maybe) you’ve found some ideas to use in your art class while visiting my blog! Aren’t kids the most amazing artists? I was a ‘visiting artist’ at my kids’ school, both last year and this, and the kids just blew me away with how creative they were (once they let go of that “I don’t want to make a mistake” thing–)

    Let me know if any of my stuff needs clarification–

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