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Innovation – Trash to Fuzzy Socks

I’m making a robe for my son, a soft fuzzy robe. I’m so glad my mom and dad were in town when I was cutting it out. My mom is such an expert at pattern placement, especially when I am short on material. You see I bought the material when he was a little younger and just haven’t gotten it done!

There weren’t too many scraps left over to save after the pieces were cut, and they were all very odd shaped, so to the trash they went. My son couldn’t stand that. He rescued every scrap from the trash and took the small bundle to his room. And late at night when we were all tucked in bed reading, he made these:

Cut and sewn by hand. How’s that for recycling?

amanda ∞

9 Comments on “Innovation – Trash to Fuzzy Socks”

  1. Hi!
    They are very warm. Mom, what did you mean ‘not much material!’ there is enough to make a pair of gloves left over! Speaking of which…

  2. I used to save just about every bit of fabric when I was sewing…. which was quite a bit. Especially when I did custom sewing. But I digress.
    I’m impressed with your son’s ingenuity. He must be a lot of fun to have around. And I imagine challenging, too. 😉

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