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Ink on the page

An absentee blogger I’ve been. My mind and body needed to step away for a time. I will fill you in on the wonders of Encausticamp and Art Unraveled shortly, but today just need to make marks on a blank page.

Studio Joy is becoming more settled each day. We are moving slowly forward with plans to snazzy up the place, but I love the urban industrial feel that it holds right now.

Station Station 2

And the larger space has allowed me to work larger with my painting. Finally. I’ve been desiring this for some time.

Pondering the Eternal 20x30 encaustic painting

Pondering the Eternal 20×30 encaustic painting

Now to continue in that direction.

Right along with a disciplined studio practice comes the unpacking and organizing of all the moving boxes that remain, so that everything has its proper place. It’s just how I am, an organized one, so while the chaos has been contained to the basement, I still feel the urge to put it all up properly.


But there is forward movement in our ‘fixing it up’. I’m so happy that my partner in adventure painted a wall so this gorgeous painting by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch would have a proper background. Of course, now the mustard trim that lines the room looks more out of place than ever, but in due time….

PBS painting

Juicy detail

Juicy detail


And my birthday is Monday. To celebrate my 46 years upon the earth, I am giving away 46 tiny folded lotus blossoms. Perhaps we will run across each other on Monday and I will hand you a blossom and you will be reminded that you are a gift in my life and I am grateful our paths have crossed. If I don’t see you, it still holds true.

Lotus blossoms


2 Comments on “Ink on the page”

  1. so good to see your ink on paper again. love the new wall, love the industrial space and grateful for industrial space.
    ever grateful for you being here crossing paths sharing thoughts and a few laughs. May you have the happiest of birthdays and many more. j

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