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I finally allowed myself time for a bath today.


I finally allowed myself time for a bath today. We moved here to this amazing work/live space over a year and a half ago. In this year and a half, my son graduated high school, we searched for a new church home, a dearly loved grandmother left this earth for her eternal home, my daughter got engaged and shortly after was in a horrible wreck and then graduated culinary school. We planned the wedding to be held here in our new space. The wedding happened, wow, so very wonderful. The newlyweds conceived a child, and moved to Denver. And my son has moved into his own home.

I finally allowed myself time for a bath today, one year and eight months later. I set it up to be one of those amazing spa experience baths. I lit a Zum lavender candle, filled the tub with steamy water and bath salts, grabbed my current read, Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura, and settled in. Here is what I found. The tub is not shaped for my body to lean back and read a book without causing a neck ache. *sigh. I set down my book and allowed my body to sink in and relax, but found that it was quite impossible to fully immerse. With my limbs catching a chill, I resigned my intent and stood for a shower.

I finally allowed myself time for a bath today. This effort, even though it failed, was a sweet gift to myself. Sometimes I forget to give myself gifts. I get distracted by all my spinning plates. Have you ever noticed that to truly receive a gift with gratitude, you must set aside everything else and accept the gift? My next gift to self is a nourishing meal followed by a lovely evening at the Kansas City Artists Coalition. It’s Public Hanging night.

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  1. Today I discovered Amanda Jolly, Studio Joy for the first time. I like it, and I love the paintings, too.
    And, I might take a bath.

  2. Yay, Lona! So glad you discovered my webpage. Hope all is well with you. Are you still involved with the KCRM Women’s Center?

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