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I didn’t want to disappoint you

But I have some news.

I still don’t have a schedule for 2015 prepared for release. I’m still working on dates with guest artists. I still don’t have my own class offerings honed. And Mindy Lacefield has cancelled so as not to overwhelm her own schedule. And I feel I need to give you some sort of report so I’m not just stringing you along.

I was really struggling, wrestling, last month. I wanted to put together a beautifully professional list of workshops, guest artists, exciting events at Studio Joy for 2015. I wanted to place it in your hands before 2015 arrived. I wanted you to be delighted and excited. But that is not going to happen.

It wasn’t until today that I realized how much I didn’t want to disappoint you. I realized that I haven’t been blogging much, or communicating the realness of life, because I’m avoiding you.

"Balance" from my wordless encaustic journal.

“Balance” from my wordless encaustic journal.


Here’s what I can tell you.

I am teaching at
Encausticamp in Seattle WA the week of of July 20, 2015
Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ the week of August 4, 2015
Healing House Art Studio in the Chicago IL area November 7-8, 2015

Thank you so much for the feedback about a week long workshop in collaboration with Crystal Neubauer at Madeline Island School of the Arts in October 2015. That date will not be happening, but we are working on a 2016 date at this time.

Studio Joy’s current schedule will continue with
Lectio Divina Art Journaling the 2nd Sunday of each month
Kansas City Rescue Mission Women’s Center group each Wednesday

And I am working with guest artists for the 2015-16, but will announce when all is firm.

Five-and-Four Tessellation from Eric Gjerde's book, Origami Tessellations,  folded on kozo.

Five-and-Four Tessellation from Eric Gjerde’s book, Origami Tessellations, folded on kozo.


A reminder to myself.

Life is moving at a different pace than I expected. And for a short time, I really wanted to force things, to move things along faster than they were happening, but I noticed something. My stress level went up and my capacity went down. So I returned to the Operational Philosophy posted in the About section on my website:

“Studio Joy operates from a joy-based foundation with an emphasis on experimentation and intuitive play. You will meet instructors that offer shalom and non-judgment as they teach from their unique and exceptional artistic voices. You may also notice expansive gaps between workshops and offerings. These gaps allow me the time to offer private classes for groups such as KCRM Women’s Centerand Willow Tree, as well as allowing space to nurture and further develop my own path as an artist. Studio Joy often has the door open, literally, giving opportunity to local artists to complete larger projects, or just spend time working in community.”

And it all came back to me, the whole reason Studio Joy exists, to find joy in creativity through experimentation and intuitive exploration and to nurture this in the lives of others.

"Boat map" from my wordless encaustic journal.

“Boat map” from my wordless encaustic journal.


Right now I’m in the gap.

I’m in an expansive gap which allows me time to offer my heart to my beautiful sisters that I have the fortune to meet with weekly.

I’m in a gap to allow a season of rest and nourishment after the intense and amazing year of change, a time to focus on my own artistic growth, so that I can better serve.

I’m in an expansive gap so that I can properly incubate the workshops and ideas that are exploding in my head, so that I don’t offer you a half baked, rushed, fast-food class just to put something on the calendar.

And then there’s the story about how I almost set my studio on fire, but that’s for another day. But I’m also in a gap to put some love and attention into the bones of my studio space.

The thing is, I don’t know how long this expansive gap will be, but I do know that it will be good.

Four-and-Five Tessellation (Eric Gjerde) folded from an encaustic monotype using Enkaustikos Hot Sticks on kozo paper.

Four-and-Five Tessellation (Eric Gjerde) folded from an encaustic monotype using Enkaustikos Hot Sticks on kozo paper.

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