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I didn’t expect the stress.

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We’re moving to a new live/work space near our current location. Those who are already on the mailing list got a sneak peek of the studio space in the rough.

In the rough

I am very excited to share the classes and workshops, guest instructors and events that will unfold in this new space. And if you have any input of what you would love to experience, who you might like as an instructor, please share. I will be teaching soldering, art journaling and encaustic, 3 of my favorite things. And am very excited that our Art Journal Monthly group will break in the space this April!

I’m not going to announce the address or show too much about it until we have signed on the dotted line, but we are finally to the point in which only an act of God would keep the deal from going through.

What this all means is that we’re moving. Moving is listed under one of the top 5 stress situations. Yet I thought I would somehow dodge that arrow.

When we found this space, Scott and I knew it would be perfect for the both of us. I felt at ease with the deal making even with the very strange hiccups produced by the seller and bank. I was laid back, not anxious about any of it. And then one night I couldn’t fall asleep. And another I woke up at 1am. And another. Running through my brain are all the details that come along with moving.

And then there is the grieving.

I love this 100 year old house we’re in, the magnificent wood work, the claw foot tub, the beautiful wood floors. I love our neighbors whom I harass as much as possible with hollers and chats in the street and across the fence. And I will also be giving up green space. My yard! My weeds! My birds! I will miss the gold finches color change this spring. And for these things, I grieve.

Bye bye beautiful weeds

Bye bye beautiful weeds

If you hear crickets chirping here on this blog, please know it won’t be for long.

And picture me packing, unpacking, painting, arranging, dreaming, planning. I love it when dreams come true.

Many people have already offered to help clean or move or paint or whatever. Let me know if you’d like to be added to the list of awesomeness.

And watch out for the news of our CELEBRATION OF SPACE. Yes, there most definitely will be live music.

5 Comments on “I didn’t expect the stress.”

  1. Wow! I thought you were just renting new space outside the home……wow, again, moving is stressful but it will be soooo worth it and always a fab time to get rid of stuff and make a clean start! Xoxo

  2. Awesomeness!!! (about the move that is, not the stress!)
    Congratulations Amanda. Can’t wait to hear more about it – signed up for the newsletter so I wouldn’t miss a thing!

  3. Too excited for you and Scott, Amanda! I know you offer encaustic jewelry classes, but didn’t know if you are willing to offer encaustic painting classes. I know the process is quite involved and didn’t know if there was enough time for that level of teaching in a one-time class. I’d be interested to try. 🙂

  4. Oh yes, Rachel! I am very excited to teach encaustic. I have done some private lessons and taught at a retreat in St. Joe, but felt I didn’t have the space to teach properly here. Now I will!

  5. We are getting ready to move this year too. We have owned our farm site for two years and have done as much of the work as we can afford to do without selling our house and getting out from under the mortgage.

    So… stress here too. It will feel good on the other end to have released so much of our “stuff.” We have to live on one floor of the house for a long, long time as we redo, insulate and replace the window on another floor. The kitchen is functional, but temporary. The bathroom works but we have only 2-years from move in to replace the septic system.

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