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I can’t stop soldering!

AEDM Day 26

The necklaces are complete!

Wax pendant necklaces complete

This pendant below was made as a commission. I’ve been experimenting with “waxed” paper. The paper used here became very translucent when heated by the soldering iron. I love how the light filters through.

Dt 31:6 soldered wax pendant

I sold a pendant just like the nesting bird today. I say “just like” because I soldered another one to re-list in my Etsy shop. One of the reasons I use my original artwork in my jewelry is that I have no worries about reproducing the image. This collage was originally constructed using an 1800s spelling book, vintage embroidery patterns, and blueprints. One of my favorite things about this pendant is the mood bead. I treasured the mood ring I had in the 70s. Fond memories.

Bird nest pendant with mood bead sold

My AEDM for Day 25 is the fabulous Balsamic Vinaigrette I made for our salad. This recipe is now my favorite, very quick and easy to make, and the flavor blows away any bottle balsamic vinaigrettes that I’ve tried. Only warning is the extreme garlic breath that accompanies the dressing. Next time I make it, I may try without the garlic just to experiment. My preference will always be the garlic, but in a social situation, the non-garlic version would be kinder to my audience.

4 Comments on “I can’t stop soldering!”

  1. These are just beautiful, love the marbled effects in the first photo especially the white. The translucent look in the second is wonderful. And I’ll be trying out the salad dressing soon 🙂

  2. I am totally in awe of your soldering!
    I hope I can improve,because that is the only direction. My soldering could not be worse!
    Thank you for the recipe; I am going to try it.
    I love everything you have shown here, it is all gorgeous and astounding and inventive!
    Yes, I wet the cardboard under the tap and scrunched it a bit. then it dried on the radiator. Not quite like dishes, but if you want you can mould it when wet:)

  3. I am going to try to put you on the sidebar on my blog. It might not work as you are not…
    Here goes!!!

  4. Wonderful image, Amanda — at first it looked like a rusty pyramid — then I saw the bird. Left brain/rightbrain in action! And very creative using the wax technique. Soldering is addictive, I’ll agree with you on that!

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