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I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

I just had to laugh when I read Julie’s blog. I, too, visited the eye doctor yesterday. That tell-tale squint was happening again, so I knew the time had come. Also, after wearing glasses for 3 years, I was ready for contacts again. I even got to wear them home!

Here is a wonderful self-photo of me donning my new contacts. (Please note that the brown smudge on my lip was not there when I was at the optometrist, but was added later when “the boy” forced some delicious fudge in my mouth.)

I was 7 years old when I got my first pair of glasses, and only 11 years old when I was prescribed hard contacts to stop my eyes from changing so drastically. After 25 years of contact wearing, I wanted a break. Although I’ve enjoyed my specs, I have come up with the top 7 reasons why I wanted contacts again.

  1. I had to take off my glasses every time I wanted a big smooch from my man.
  2. I couldn’t cuddle with my head squished in a pillow watching a movie on the couch.
  3. My oh-so-oily skin kept lubricating the lenses of my glasses, so I’d have to clean them several times a day. (Note the sheen in the picture above. I didn’t even have to pay for that stylish glow.)
  4. Swimming with glasses is a nuisance. Swimming without glasses is good if we’re playing blind man’s bluff.
  5. I could not merely look up or down or side to side. My head would have to follow where my eyes wanted to look to see with clarity through the lenses.
  6. When it rained, I had to shield my glasses, then wipe off the raindrops.
  7. My depth perception truly affected my ability to catch a ball. (Oh, wait. I couldn’t catch a ball while wearing contacts either.)

And my son is excited because I no longer have an excuse not to be squirted with the water gun.

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  1. I don’t think I could do contacts. I wear bifocals. I would have to do that monovision thing. I don’t think my brain could learn which eye to use for far away and which one to use for close up without getting rid of some extraneous stored data… like my name, address, husband’s birthday. 🙁

    This is another difference we have. I guess we are definitely not twins separated at birth.
    I don’t think I could handle the monovision either. That would be so confusing to my already befuddled brain.

  2. I love your reasons and as a glass wearer that isn’t able to wear contacts due to a stigmatism that is not bad enough yet, I am also envious of you. 🙂

    I have astigmatism as well, so was surprised when soft contacts worked for me. Since then I did some research and found this:
    Many people with astigmatism believe that they can’t wear contact lenses, or that only rigid contact lenses can correct astigmatism.

    This was true many years ago, but now there are soft contacts that correct astigmatism; they are called toric contact lenses. Toric lenses have a special correction built into them and may also contain a prescription for nearsightedness or farsightedness if you need it.

    While contacts are definitely not for everyone, they are just getting better and better.

  3. Oh how I have missed you! I am so glad to be back!

    I’m so glad you’re back too! My kids won’t have as much fun with your name now. 😉 (Did you know my mom reads Amy Grant’s blog?) teehee

  4. I am glad you liked my fudge

    -the boy

    Your fudge was supremely delicious. And this latest batch with cinnamon has a nice kick to it.
    -your mom

  5. I am also glad I can squirt you with water

    I think it is best to get permission first, wouldn’t the rest of you moms agree?
    -your mom

  6. Your son makes you fudge! With cinnamon?! So not fair. I”m going to have to add that lesson to list!
    As for the glasses, they do help cover up puffy eye syndrome, but you look amazing with contacts. Such a lovely picture. AND you are having a great hair day. I’m so jealous (the hair AND the fudge)!

    Haha! My husband’s comments were, “Did you have a cold sore?” (the fudge) & “Did you take that photo yourself?” How did he know?

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