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I am a real teacher

I was at the library getting my usual bag full of books. A new librarian checked out my books. Because of the selection I had, she asked, “Are you a teacher?”
I said, “Yes, I teach them at home.”
She then asked, “No, are you a real teacher?”
I answered again, “Yes, I teach them at home.”
She asked, “No, are you a real teacher, like a public school teacher?”
I responded, “I’m a real teacher, but I teach at home.”
This ended our conversation. She had decided I was not a “real” teacher, and I had decided her view of homeschooling was very small. I wanted to respond that I was a very real teacher. My children were not only learning “facts,” they were learning how to learn. They were learning skills to prepare them for adulthood. They were learning how to solve problems not found in textbooks. They were learning to creatively express themselves in a way honoring to God….
But I was silent.
I took my pile of books and went home saying silently to myself, “I am
a real teacher.”

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  1. Amen, Amen, Amen! I feel like going to a mirror and repeating that to myself – I am a real teacher, I am a real teacher! Silence is often golden and prayerfully the new librarian will relinquish her bias and gain a fuller understanding about learning to love learning and how that doesn’t not have to take place in a public school.

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