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Hydrating my life

I’ve noticed that if I don’t stay hydrated while in the creative zone, or in class, I lose my inspiration, my train of thought, my energy. To deter a dry, shriveled brain, I always take a refreshing bottle of water to class or have a glass of water in my studio. This water gives me life; it revitalizes me. What a perfect picture of my word choice for 2013, vita, the root of revitalize.

I’ve found LIFE to be a good theme already for this year. Life-giving changes…


Yes, discipline is a change. Discipline has been my desire for some time, moving towards it in slow strides. With a new school schedule this year, discipline arrived and just in time. I’ve been using my google calendar to block my time so that I can plan without over committing my time. The priorities fit in first with room to breath, and then the extras. Figuring out my true priorities was the first step.

And then I wanted to push myself further. As a practice in discipline, I gave up some things for Lent which I really enjoy. I really like this push because it is hard. I’m learning where my real weaknesses lie, what I do to comfort myself, and that sometimes I can be a big whiny baby.

But why?

So why on earth would I want to be more disciplined? Sounds boring and rigid, and really, what’s the point? Well, without discipline, I tend to be lazy. I easily waste time. I pander to my desires and become quite complacent, and when I am complacent, I have a really hard time hearing God. And I want to hear God.

So to me, discipline has become a way to declutter my brain from complacency, and to be better attuned to the voice and direction of God. The extra push with Lenten sacrifice is really to test myself. How greatly do I desire what I say I desire? Am I willing to put an effort forth to maintain this relationship? I’m finding the answer to be yes.

And in my prioritizing and my sacrifice, I am finding that God is meeting me with abundant grace. He is reuniting me with my real, genuine heart afresh. He is teaching me how to take care of myself in a new way.

It’s like drinking water

Without the water, I really can’t function creatively. I have to be intentional about drinking water, making sure I drink enough and bring it with me when I’m on the run. Every single time I forget, I regret it. Seriously, my brain just shuts down to the point that any problem solving becomes difficult. Without the discipline, I really can’t attune to God very well. I have to be intentional, plan ahead, prioritize and sacrifice. And when I become lax on the discipline, I regret it.

So I bloom

In the soil of discipline, of self care, of living from the heart Jesus gave me, and drinking plenty of water.

Blooming in the studio #origami #artjournal




2 Comments on “Hydrating my life”

  1. I understand about the need for water. My body does so well when I’m drinking it throughout the day! I could really hear your voice in this post, and you sound so well. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight from the depth of your heart with us.

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