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Hungry for more soldering

Another class conquered “Intro to Soldering: Making Jewelry”. What a blast! Soldering is so fascinating. The way it moves and flows, solder really has a life of its own. Occasionally coaxing it with kind words can persuade, but really, solder flows best when the hand and mind are relaxed.


I love teaching classes because I get so inspired by everyone’s unique creative vision.

class in action

Original artwork and handwritten Chinese characters were encased into wearable art, and beautiful stories of love and peace were told with the images and words chosen to display.

original artwork=awesome hand written beautiful set little bird resting in the hand *love*

Gifts were made, joy shared, and yes, we had chocolate too.

a sweet flower for a sweet girl dried flower pendant

Teaching this class made me hungry for more. Sharing what I love to do with other people, sparking their creativity, is quite fulfilling. This comes as a great shocker to me. I am the same person who chose a career in college as far away from teaching as I could get — on purpose. I never wanted to be a teacher. Oh, the irony.

I planned on having another more technical soldering class in June, but after Saturday, one class in June just will not be enough. Class samples will be created this week, and next week class registration will be open!

  • Skinnies and Baubles: Using hand cut glass, we will make a cluster of skinny charms to hang on a ball chain. To add a bauble to our cluster, basic wire wrapping will be taught as well . June 18
  • Patina Your Porcelain: After breaking china, we will make solder pendants, and add black patina for that weathered look, all attached to a gun metal chain.  June 25

Time to plug in the soldering iron. I bid you all a good evening.





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  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! You know, I will have to see what I can do to be there. Two Saturdays of creativity. How can I pass that up? 😀

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