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How Charming

Remember that Sept. 1948 issue of Calling All Girls magazine? My husband had the wonderful idea to make a charm from its cover. Here is is front and back. The image of the man is also from the magazine. I added the word HERS beside his face. I’ll be making more of these with different color marbles on each charm. This one is listed in my Etsy shop. The rest should be ready next week.

I love working with old things, especially magazines, catalogs, and photos. They have such a story to tell. The way that women thought, or the interests they pursued appear to be so different in 1948 if I look only at this magazine. Some things haven’t changed, such as the media directing the interests of the masses.

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4 Comments on “How Charming”

  1. Those are AWESOME! I’m excited to see you have an etsy~I’d LOVE one for crochet. Need a digital camera first, and then time to crochet something besides all the projects I already have going on fer us! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Oh my God, I need one for my backpack, or my briefcase (when its invented). Btw, where did you get this font, it’s divine! So, you said the marbles come with them. Do you have any with italicized eyes?

    ~Grown Up Jess

  3. Hi!
    Believe it or not, that is my mother on the cover of Calling All Girls 1947. Her name is Lilly Fernandez. I would be very interested in contacting you . Please e-mail me. Thanks so much!

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