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How abandoned will You let me be?

Back in March, I touched on the awesomeness of liberty in Christ. I am revisiting the topic.

From that post: Misty Edwards says in one of her songs (speaking of freedom): How far will you let me go? How abandoned will you let me be?

The question is, what does she me by “How abandoned will you let me be?” The first thought of abandonment is forsaking entirely, but God does not forsake us, will never forsake us. So to what does the abandonment refer? As always, the words must be taken in context.

David Brymer, Brandon Hampton, Misty Edwards

Lord, I will seek You
On my bed, think upon You
In the day, I’ll dream of You
You’re always on my mind

With my whole heart I’ll love You
With my mind and my strength too
Waste my life searching for You
You’re always on my mind

Though I’m poor and needy,
the Lord thinks upon me
Though His name is Holy,
I’m always on His mind –
I’m always on His mind

Though I’m weak and lowly,
the Lord thinks about me
Though He’s high and lofty,

I’m always on His mind –
I’m always on His mind

I’m in love with God
God’s in love with me
Hey – Yeah (repeat)

How far will You let me go?
How abandoned will You let me be?

According to, abandon means

4. to yield (oneself) without restraint or moderation; give (oneself) over to natural impulses, usually without self-control: to abandon oneself to grief

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary says abandon means:

3. To give up or resign without control, as when a person yields himself, without restraint, to a propensity; as to abandon one’s self to intemperance. Abandoned over and abandoned of are obsolete

4. To resign; to yield, relinquish, or give over entirely

The song itself is about the pursuit of knowing God intimately, the search to find Him in everything, to know what He desires. If the abandonment mentioned is taken in context, then God must be letting Misty Edwards be abandoned in her seeking of Him. She is no longer restrained or controlling of her pursuit of knowing God. She is so crazy and passionate about her perfect lover that she has given herself over entirely to this search. He is always on her mind.

The lyrics also imply God’s sovereignty even in our pursuit of Him. “How far will You let me go? How abandoned will You let me be?” Just as we are compelled to pursue God, He is also actively moving in our lives. He truly has ultimate control of how deeply we know Him. He leads us along this path of letting go. He removes piece by piece what hinders our relationship with Him. How far we go is not something we can even imagine, because each time He leads us to greater intimacy, greater understanding, we are amazed at this new place we find ourselves. Wow! I had no idea life was this deep. And it is even deeper still, deeper than we can comprehend.

This is the liberty, the great freedom that we have in Christ, freedom to abandon all in pursuit of Him only to find ourselves much more in love with Him than when we started.


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