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Homeschooling, Yea or Nay?

Should every Christian family pull their children out of public or private school to homeschool? Is this a mandate from God? My unwavering response is NO. Being a homeschooling family, we see the great benefit of homeschooling first hand. Homeschooling is a limitless blessing to many families, but it would be presumptuous of me to assume that what God has planned for our family would be best for all families. 

I believe obedience to God’s specific calling to each family is key. Often Christian families are pressured one way or another by their Christian peers to do the “right thing, the Biblical thing.” The right thing to do or be is a dangerous place in Christianity. The danger is in trying to fit the Christian mold taught by various very well intention ministries instead of allowing God to do the molding. Our transformation should be from within by Him, not from without to fit the Christian culture.

The important issue is not what a family is doing, but why they are doing it. Has your family stopped to ask God His plan for this area of your life? If you are not getting a clear answer, then pray more furvently. Seek God’s answer until you receive it. And then be obedient.

If you have already done this and are being obedient to His command in your life, then do not be pursuaded by your peers to question your path. Your obedience to your Maker is the essential thing.

My friend, Julie, has a great post today. Check it out. As Christians, we are to be the salt and light to the world, but we will have a much more difficult time doing this if we are being disobedient to our specific calling.


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  1. Well said! I am so glad you enjoyed my entry today. I wondered if it were too controversial to share. Then I remembered one of the primary reasons I blog is to journal what the Lord is teaching me. I can look back and see His hand in my life…

    I have to say, being able to see when people comment and link to your blog is a very cool feature of wordpress. I think I am going to enjoy blogging here ~

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