Home minus one

One: My children are home again. And the house feels like home again. I greatly appreciated this past week. I was free to focus totally on the task at hand with no interruptions except the occasional growl of my stomach reminding me it was meal time. But I am so glad to have my children home.

Plus One: My son had a wonderful time at his grandparents’. He learned to rope cattle, slept in a tepee 2 nights in a row, beat his grandpa at cards (repeatedly), swam and swam, played ping pong, read, won the calf chase at the rodeo, won a game of bingo at the VFW Hall, played guitar and harmonica in the tepee with his grandpa. He slept late this morning.

Plus One: My daughter came back from church camp even more on fire for God. She worshiped God fully and completely all week, including writing beautiful poems and prayers. She was challenged, listened, and grew personally in her relationship with her Savior. I’d give more details on her adventures, but she is STILL sleeping. I think she needs it today.

Minus One: My husband left for Mississippi the day I left to pick up my son. He is on the crew for a new National Geographic series called “War Is Hell.” They have already reproduced a Civil War battle. This one in MS is a Vietnam battle. He’ll be home soon. I look forward to the huge hug, weary smile, and fantastical stories he will share after camping out on the battle field.

Equals: Today is a beautiful day. I dedicate this day to worship of my Savior. He has created this day for His pleasure and mine. I am open to the plan He has for me this day and look forward with delight to the adventure He has planned for me. I’ve already been to the City Market. If the Lord wills, I will also read His Word with fresh insight, sweat at the YMCA, play Heroscape with my kids, fold laundry, put away our travel clutter, and listen as my kids share their grand adventures. Glorious, isn’t it!?!

amanda ∞

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