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Home again from Artfest 2011

I have not returned home from an Artfest so refreshed and inspired. I attribute it to my awesome traveling companion, staying off campus, and the great energy that came from the classes I took.

Kecia and me Day 1:  Soldered Mosaic Lavalliere by Kecia Deveney

We made the coolest pendants from old plates.
Soldered Mosaic Lavalliere Soldered Mosaic Lavalliere class by Kecia Deveney
This marked my first use of a dremel tool (which I am not giving back to my husband) and tile nippers. Blast! Kecia was great at inspiring, teaching, and keeping us on task.

Trish and me Day 2: Encaustic Marriage: Plaster by Patricia Seggebruch

Of course I couldn’t wait for this class as I’ve fallen in love with encaustic painting. We started class by applying plaster either over a stencil to create form, or more randomly. We also got to play with tar and shellac. And then she got out the blow torch!

Encaustic & plaster collage Olives - Encaustic, plaster & tar Enough - Encaustic & plaster

Encaustic palette Day 3: Encaustibook! by Patricia Seggebruch

Did I mention how enthralled I am with all things encaustic? These book covers are wax paintings. I will be binding the Bloom book with ribbon and the Harvest book with old rusty wire.
Bloom - Encaustic book cover Wheat - Encaustic book cover

A fun addition to the toolbox was the woodburner. I tried it out with the flower above and also some lettering inside the cover. My olfactory system was on a natural high between the smell of burning wood and beeswax.

To add to the natural fun, I just had to throw some dirt and grass into the mix, plus try at manipulating shellac.
Grow - encaustic, dirt & grass Encaustic & shellac

Now typically on day 3 of Artfest, I am exhausted. My brain no longer functions at normal capacity. Not this year. I felt I was in my groove, gathering momentum and inspiration, so much so that my head has been bursting with ideas since.

My friend and I took good care of ourselves, visiting the most delicious restaurants, drinking only the finest of espresso, and the dining we had at our retreat we called home was beyond compare.
Delicious lunch at the Owl Sprit Cafe IMAG0891

Back home again, all I can say is thank you, friend, for making this year so incredibly awesome.

2 Comments on “Home again from Artfest 2011”

  1. What a wonderful time! Those book covers are awesome. Will you be selling those (or the like) in your shop?! (Hint…)

  2. Hello Amanda yopu look great as we say in french resplendissante. i will definitely come next year i miss artfest and you guys too much. se that you have a lot of fun creativitycand rest miss you .i am on holiday within 18h hours!!!! still have to come back home last flight. the encaustic andf the pendants are beautiful love it. xoxoxox

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