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Hidden dusty art

Pull tab found on the finely dusted floor of a western Kansas quonset, perhaps pulled from a beer my grandfather drank. Beauty.

Thanksgiving was spent with my family back home. We all met at my parents for a wonderful getaway. Much of the week was spent walking across stubbly fields, or jamming with the family band. All of our time was spent together. While I completed little conventional art, these were my days for the real art to come forth, the hidden art. Hidden art is that beauty, that strand of individuality, that lies within each of us revealing itself differently for each person. With such a diverse group of kin, much art was displayed.

Art Every Day Month – Days 24-28
Drummer husband dudeBass daughterSinging niece & guitar brotherGuitar son & tamborine sister-in-lawOrgan mommaBass moiHunting cabin & outhouse
BarnBarn stallsBarn 2nd floor & bird poopBarn stairsHen laying binsGuinea fowlMilk barn stallsMilk barn doorway and drainMilk barn door 4Milk barn door 1shot_1290888688429shot_1290888555604

Art Every Day Month – Day 29
Playing with faces in my Moleskine using Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Artists’ Crayons.

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  1. Amanda, I love this post about hidden art. I think making music is artistic. I really liked the photo of the Folger’s can too.

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