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Grammie’s lace

Haven’t quite gotten the studio time worked in to the new school schedule yet. Well, really I just needed a good excuse to put down the teacher hat. Thank you, Etsy, for making that possible. This week I received a request to make several of these:
Crocheted Horizontal
I love that crocheted lace. Found in a basket of lace made by my husband’s great-grandmother, this lace I find most delicious. After making several pendants this week, only a short bit remains. I hope that Grammie would be pleased that her lace is being worn as jewelry.

Almost as much fun as the soldering, was the packaging. Were I to sell in large volumes, these absolutely fun touches would no longer be possible. And the little packages wouldn’t be complete without a MOO card. I love MOO. The package is ready to go, and that sweet teacher on the cover, that’s my husband’s grandmother.
Etsy package prep Etsy package

I’ve come to the realization that I may not get large quantities of time in the studio this month. That’s okay with me. I would never give up the opportunity to work so closely with my family.

While my enjoyable moments of soldering were treasured this week, my heart keeps turning back to wax. I’m really looking forward to October. Judy Wise’s Hot Wax Workshop begins Oct. 17! And I just can’t wait!

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  1. heeeeey amanda! this is pretty cool! i have randomly been checking your blog this last year and half… you PROBABLY don’t remember me. but i’m back to blogging and had to stop by and say hi and i miss checking you out every week! your work has changed and i LOVE it!

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