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To kick off Art Every Day Month, I did a thorough cleaning of my art studio and the rest of the house. Some clutter had been giving me a total mental block. Now that the space is fresh and clean again, I am drawn to the room.

For Art Every Day Month, I am applying some wisdom I learned from Sark. I am making small movements in the direction I want to go. On Saturday after cleaning the studio, I gessoed some Moleskine pages and painted. On Sunday I used those same pages for taking sermon notes. Today I applied more gesso. And I have even moved a quilt to a very accessible place to encourage my hands to get busy.

The sermon on Sunday was incredible. I’m still pondering all that I heard. Jeff Cox always gives fresh perspective and greater insight into the Bible. The topic was grace. For me, he brought history to life and put flesh on a man who wrote much of the new testament, Paul. Incredible. If you’d like to listen, go here and select ‘Crisis-Jeff Cox.’

Thanks for all your kind words about the loss of our sweet little Gloria. The house is very quiet today, even with two other dogs and a cat. Gloria was our little shadow. She would follow us wherever we went, and had the sweetest disposition. We all keep looking for her, expecting her to burst around the corner full of joy.

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  1. I believe the original sermon that the story on grace was based on is a sermon I have blogged before. The Prodigal Sons: The Gospel is not religion or irreligion, but something else

    I had always focused on the prodigal too… this sermon moved my focus off of the prodigal to the elder son. As I have been considering how to parent Marissa after her recent struggles, I have been thinking more and more about the father. This started when I read Who Invented Adolescence?.

    “On his way home, no doubt feeling shame and self-disgust, he rehearsed his speech: “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you; I am no longer worthy to be called your son; treat me like one of your hired hands.” Seeing him coming, the father was filled with compassion, and ran down the road to hug and kiss him. Notice the difference in the father’s response to his son’s two requests. To his son’s request for forgiveness, he gave a wholehearted “yes”—he forgave him absolutely, with no recriminations, “I told you so,” or “Yes, but you’ll have to pay back the money you blew.” The son’s second request—to be a hired servant—expressed a desire to retreat from the responsibilities of being an adult son to his father. To that request, the father gave a resounding “NO!” He wouldn’t hear of it; he received him back as his precious son, with all the dominion, freedom, and responsibility (including the risk of future failure) that was involved in adult sonship. The father dressed him with honor, killed the fatted calf, and threw a huge party to celebrate, “for this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found!” ~ Mardi Keyes

    How easy it is for Marissa to reclaim her life as a responsible, Christ honoring child of God has a lot to do with how easy it is for me to treat her as if she were responsible and how quickly I re-establish the same level of dominion/freedom that she enjoyed before her difficulty.

    Thanks for sharing your sermon!

  2. What an interesting and functional use of a painted page! Again, such is the kind of neat idea one gets from visiting your blog. A reason why Hidden Art is linked to my recent post.

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