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Good Books, Peaceful Moments

From Art Journal

I’ve been relaxing and enjoying free time, time to pause, moments and glimmers of slow breathing peacefulness. Here’s some great books I’ve been absorbing:

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5 Comments on “Good Books, Peaceful Moments”

  1. My burden is light. Whenever I am feeling weighed down, I know that I have assigned myself things that God has not asked me to do. Some of them are very good things. But, I take them on thinking that no one can do them as well, or as willingly as I.

    I am glad you were called into a winter’s rest… time to plan, time to heal, time alone with your Creator.

  2. Hi Amanda! I’m so happy you’re getting to that place of rest..wonderful. What a great feeling. Being committment free is so fabulous. BTW…got the charms and ring today. Love them! What adorable packaging too. Thank you for sending them so quickly!! -lisa

    I’m so glad you like them, Lisa. And I’m glad they arrived so swiftly. One never can tell with the postal service. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post Amanda. Your blog is the link to my past love, visual journaling. The 1000 Artist Journal Pages looks very enticing… Thanks for the dash of spirituality as well. Beauty and Truth do go hand in hand.

    Just curious what your current love is.
    And the 1000 Artist Journal Pages is incredible. I love it.

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