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Glad they are at home

Today at the YMCA, the other moms were talking about school starting again. They were all in agreement that it was so nice to send the kids to school and have their days free. I’ve decided this must be a learned response, since I once felt this way too.

When my daughter was born, I was an accountant at a bank holding company. Eight weeks after she was born, I was working full time again. A friend of mine watched her through the day. My son was born 2 1/2 years later. I took 12 weeks off this time, but did work from home as well. My daughter was now enrolled in a Montessori that also had a day care for younger siblings, so they went there each day and I went to work.

This routine lasted for about 6 months before I realized I could no longer handle the load. After much debate between my husband and I, I finally quit my job. To bring home some income, I continued to handle the owner’s personal finances from my home. I also began to sell Tupperware. 

At age 3, my daughter was enrolled in preschool and my son put in a once a week mother’s day out at the same place. When he turned 3, he was officially enrolled. The reasoning for preschool was two-fold. One, they needed to learn how to function with a group (preparing them for public school), and two, I needed time for myself.

This thought prevailed with both my husband and I. All the people we were around felt the same way. We all had that glorious thought, “Wait until they are in school all day. Think of the things you can do with them gone.”

God entered in and changed things all around. When my daughter was in 1st grade at a great public school, I noticed how detached our lives were already. My son was in preschool at the time getting geared up to begin Kindergarten. Then God told me His plans for our family. I was studying Hebrews at the time. Towards the end of chapter 5, the issue of milk and meat is brought up. God impressed upon me at that time that I had become a meat eating Christian and it was time I began to serve my family. He showed me how I had been serving myself first and then giving the leftovers to my family. And He just happened to place some wonderful homeschooling families in our lives.

After much debate with my husband again, we decided to begin homeschooling that next school year. The joy we began to notice from spending time together everyday was inspiring. The more we spent time together, the more we desired to spend time together. As we enter into our 7th year of homeschooling, I can say boldly that I am so glad that my children are home with us every day. They are my best friends. They bring me such joy.

My daughter is now a teenager and she desires to spend time with her family. She loves being with me and her dad. She and her brother are friends. And my eleven year old son runs out the door to hug me one more time before I run to the store.

I am so glad they are at home.

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  1. Thank you for this heartfelt article. It really hit home for me on so many levels, including the part about giving my family the “leftovers”. The biggest reason why I decided to stay home was so that the best part of my day could be devoted to my family, and not my job. Now I homeschool and God has strategically placed so many quality homeschooling families and resources in my life, that I would have been a fool not to make the decision and accept His blessings! Your blog is wonderful – I especially benefitted from your post about the Math curriculum (a while back).

    God has a way with putting the right people in our paths, doesn’t He?
    (Leftovers are only good when cleaning out the frig.) =)

  2. Golly, Amanda. I need some of your positive energy. I told my husband yesterday that I am weary of the homeschooling journey. Just this morning, my six year old daughter woke up and announced, “I don’t want to do school today.” See my eyes rolling? She has trouble with reading, and we gently chistle those blocks away each day. Her preference is to make crafts and play. Then there is my oldest son (8th grade) who is melancholy and refuses to check his work. Yesterday he answered the question in literature, “How is Mr. Ness wise in this story?” with “He knows stuff.” Grrr. My middle son also has days when he is half-hearted. On the bright side, my last son is a joy to homeschool. The comfort I have is that I know God put us on the path, so just because I’m weary, I won’t quit. God give me inspiration for my children.

    We all have moments likes these, sometimes lasting a little too long, but overall, would you have it any other way? And would we be asking for inspiration without these charming children in our lives?
    By the way, the positive energy is all yours! God just keeps giving.

  3. Inspiring. As a mom of three 6 and under, I am so encouraged to hear this. Thank you!

    I miss those cuddly, sweet years. I miss them alot. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart and your story. I have had a few moments lately thinking about what I would do if I were home and they were at school and all of the results were quite me oriented and selfish. I realize it is a true blessing to not only be home but also to be the one dishing out the milk and meat to my children based on their needs and their readiness.

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