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Girls' Day Out

The sentiment that ruled the day:

Outside a scrapbook store, this camera was hung on a string with the message to take pictures. What a strange thought that our photos will be used in a scrapbook class.

As always, my eyes were drawn to things of old. Many of the original buildings in Hays, KS are made of limestone.

And we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Gella’s.

But we did finally make it back home to where the boys were. My dad is juggling eggs from the chicken coop.

amanda ∞

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  1. oh that looked like a fun girls day out! what a good idea about the camara… 🙂 that’s different

  2. Oh my… she has absolutely no place to put it because her house is full, but I would love to get that little plaque about Grandma’s for my mom.

    It is so true, isn’t it?

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