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AEDM Day 27

Today I made gifts.
Joy Dance
Joy Dance Encaustic Soldered Pendant is made for Patricia Seggebruch, my constant inspiration. I first met Trish at Artfest 2010. She instructed my favorite class, an encaustic introduction for me. I was so excited about encaustic painting that I took two of her classes at Artfest 2011. But the icing on the cake was her incredible EncaustiCamp this summer. My favorite thing about Trish is her desire to share her encaustic knowledge with the world. She is forging ahead, blazing a trail with her generosity and enthusiasm. For anyone even the slightest bit interested in encaustic painting, EncaustiCamp 2012 will not disappoint.

Kansas prairie
Kansas Prairie Encaustic Soldered Pendant is made for Sue Simpson. She recently asked me to be guest blogger at Earthtone Studios. I so thankful for the honor. The writing of that post prompted me into a frenzy of inspiration. She will also be teaching at EncaustiCamp 2012, giving instruction to those new to encaustic.


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  1. Oh Amanda….you have no idea….I wont spill here…just too much, and besides the tears are ruining my laptop! You are so amazing. God is so amazing in you. Thank you….tissue paper wrapping; wow, i just wasn’t thinking big enough! You just went for that ‘exceedingly and abundantly’ now didn’t you!!!!? wow.

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