Generosity is a positive catalyst

Today I was pondering generosity as a business model. My husband has taught me much in this realm. His way:

  • Give more than expected to clients.
  • Pay contract labor as quickly as possible.
  • Tip well.
  • Pay team members bountifully.
  • Teach anyone who is willing and desirous to learn.

Creative Coldsnow, a Kansas City locally-owned art supply store, has been very generous this week. To those on their email list, they have offered 50% off for up to 5 items every day this week. Creative Coldsnow has made me a loyal customer by excellent customer service EVERY time I’ve been in the store. Their 50% off coupon this week is icing on the cake. I have gone in each day and purchased encaustic supplies. My brain is spinning with ideas. I already know I’ll be working in a series.


Stephanie Lee at Semiprecious Salvage had a give-away for 3 online classes, Michael DeMeng’s, Misty Mawn’s and her own, and then proceeded to give her Shifting Ground journal writing class to all who commented on her give-away post.

Generosity causes positive change. Through others’ generosity, I am inspired not only to create, but to give that others may create.

Stinginess has the opposite effect. When dealing with those who are stingy, my brow furrows. Typical stingy model:

  • not paying clients on a timely basis, rather wanting to hang on to that money as long as possible.
  • paying less for others’ time and resources, often by manipulation or deceit.
  • not sharing skills or ideas in fear that one will lose a corner on the market, or that someone else may “steal” the profit.

For all those operating on a stingy model,  poo poo. You are doing yourself more harm than good, driving business away with your lack of integrity.

Catalysis is the change in rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of a substance called a catalyst. Unlike other reagents that participate in the chemical reaction, a catalyst is not consumed by the reaction itself. A catalyst may participate in multiple chemical transformations. Catalysts that speed the reaction are called positive catalysts. Substances that interact with catalysts to slow the reaction are called inhibitors (or negative catalysts).

Bravo to you generous souls who have been so patient with people like me. You see, I am inherently stingy. Only by viewing the long term effects of my husband’s generosity, and my own stinginess, did I realize that generosity is positive catalyst. My immediate reactions to this catalyst, inspiration, compassion, kindness.

Generosity is loving your neighbor as yourself.

amanda ∞

One thought on “Generosity is a positive catalyst

  1. alex castro ferreira says:

    I agree completely with you and that’s is what i try to do being generous towards others and myself too giving is the key. Hope you had a great christmas i had though with the snow paris airport is a chaos so quite complicated to come back to lisbon but i did it so i was among the lucky ones i guess. just received a mail from patricia seggeburch and i am going to plunge in and buy some stuff can’t wait. you have been doing great work love it so i am going for it too!!! i miss the smell the feeling how we have fun in that class she is a great and generous teacher. HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIEND. XO

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