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There was a giant in my inbox. He has been purged. I finally took care of all those little issues that seemed so easy to procrastinate, such as replacing the stolen stickers from our license plates, mailing off for a free cookbook, registering warranty info, canceling credit card accounts, etc. The inbox really is not very big, just a standard paper catcher type inbox, but it can sure stack up quick. It is so easy for me to throw anything in there that I really don’t want to deal with at the moment. It truly took most of the week to deal with its vast and time consuming issues. Even though this job is done, I am feeling frustrated.

While we were traveling this month, I continued to purge. The whole family purchased nothing frivolous just for souvenir’s sake. The trash and extra baggage were weeded out daily. All was well. Keeping the stuff out while traveling was easy because I had a smaller inventory to manage. All seemed light and good. I realize now why I am so frustrated this week. I am once again facing the giant in my basement, and he is big and ugly.

While dealing with some of these smaller issues from the inbox this week, we had to find some things in the basement. My husband commented that it seems like its getting worse down there instead of better. He’s right. I’m not putting things away properly because there is a large pile that really has no home. The large pile is full of things that I plan on selling. As visions of dollar signs dance in my head, a reality is setting in. These items have become a burden. I have not taken the time to deal with them and I know many families that would be blessed by a free gift of good books and toys. It’s time for me to haul that pile out of the dungeon. It’s time to let go.

There has been another giant looming in our home. He is heavy and weighs on our every thought. He looms with every phone call. It is the season for this particular giant. We invited him in. He is the giant of caring and concern, of love and grief. I am praying now that this giant becomes joyous and skips away as our family member chooses healing. Since there is really nothing else we can do, we sit and hold hands with this great and gentle giant. He is large, but strangely comforting.

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  1. Amanda,

    I have a similar problem in my basement and everytime I look at it my flesh thinks, that giant would go away if I had a bigger house with more storage space. May all your valued and unused treasures bring joy to the people in their new homes.

    I will continue to pray for your unspoken prayer request knowing that you have a Giant in your corner who is big enough to hold you up no matter what, give you a peace that passes understanding… and if the ending is joyous He will stay for the celebration. In fact, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us…

    Happy weekend ~

  2. I can so relate. I have ‘the box’ too, which ends up being put in ‘the bag’ or ‘the other box’ to be filed. I procrastinate as I hate the chore and I know if I would just keep up, it wouldn’t happen, and then it sneaks up on me. I did an office organizing venture a couple of weeks ago, and we are going to get a new dresser for the girls this week, and work on their room and the crawl space where I have items I have not had access to for a couple of years. Some of those items are scrap booking which I won’t do until the kids leave home anyway as per space and time, but it would be nice to get something every once in a while. We don’t have a basement, but we have the crawl space which the kids destroyed, and a shed that has more stuff that we need to sort through. It all takes so much time, and once I work on something for a week, it seems other things fall apart. I want to be organized like some OCD people, but don’t know how to get there to stay there. Drives me crazy or it would if I didn’t accept that I put myself in a position of being too busy to take care of some things.

  3. Our family once entertained ideas of garage sales and ads in the local newspaper to help rid ourselves of items we no longer used. But the reality of it is that there are a lot of people who would rather buy something new. So we decided we would give most of it away. It then became a blessing to those who received it and a blessing for us to give it. It is amazing how quickly that giant left our home. We turned the extra space into a family area. We put workout mats on the floor, and added basketballs, skipping ropes, a hoolla hoop and some other stuff . We use it a lot now.

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