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front yard

Broken ladder:

Unruly vines:
Purdy flowers:

Broken sidewalk:

Water gun:

Water ballon remants:
Wild beasts:
My mom’s childhood scooter & working shovel:

Side of our vinyl-sided house:
Recently painted front porch which absolutely whatsoever does not match the rest of the house:
Kerosene lantern burned while we swing:

on this porch swing made by husband’s great-grandfather:

I love my life. It will never fit into a “proper” magazine. It is unkempt and improperly matched, much like my front yard. My husband is the bird who built the nest yesterday. “He just couldn’t resist a little splash of color.”

amanda ∞

6 Comments on “front yard”

  1. love the photos, what is the pink flower? the wild beast really looks very wild!!!!!!!!! i bet you spend alot of time on that front porch!

  2. There is so much freedom in *not* keeping up with the Joneses. I grew up in *picture perfect* magazine surroundings- I fight those tendencies still to this day. I find *imperfectly lovely* my favorite place to be. There is so much beauty to be found in small, quirky, and imperfect details. Bless you today Amanda. In God’s Love, Tami

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