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My friend, Nita, at Red Tin Heart has lost her husband. John was paralyzed from an accident this past summer, and recently succumbed to a bone infection. His body could take no more. Please lift Nita and her children up in prayer.

I’ve been praying for John, and had been hopeful that he would be home with Nita soon. I can’t relate the depth of sadness felt for Nita. She has struggled for so long while John has been in the hospital and in therapy.

As I cried and grieved for my friend today, I was astounded by the depth of blogger relationships.

And when Julie brings her children home, I will rejoice for her just as deeply.

When Sandi’s daughter is sick, I pray.

I may never see you face to face, but many of you have become dear friends to me. I care about you more than even I realize sometimes. When I’m not blogging, I miss you and wonder how things are with you. What happens in your lives matters to me, yet if I walked past you, I wouldn’t even know. Perplexing.

Anyway, my grief for Nita has me loving and appreciating you all even more today. (((HUGS)))

amanda ∞

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  1. I love you sooo much, Amanda! Adding my prayers to yours for dear Nita~and for our Haitian little bloggy neice and nephew to come home soon! You are always a friend indeed~I’m *so blessed* that you are a part of my life! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Amanda,

    I think we are getting close! The USCIS in Haiti requested updated information on our financial status. We have to prove that we can afford two more children before they can be granted an immigration visa. Apparently, the employment letter and bank statements from December 2004 were not acceptable… Yes, 2004 is when we started collecting information for our home study.

    I mailed it by Priority Mail to our adoption coordinator yesterday. She should be able to send it to Haiti on Thursday. (If she can get out of bed; she has pnuemonia and just started on antibiotics Monday).

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