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Fried Chicken Permeates

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam, my husband did the grocery shopping. He came home with the makings for some delicious meals, and last night he cooked the most scrumptious fried chicken. The smell of this comfort food permeated our home, our clothes, our hair. When I went out last evening, I smelled the chicken. When I awoke in the night, I smelled the chicken. And today as I packed my bags, I still smelled remnants of that delicious meal. Fried chicken will ever remind me of Amsterdam and I’m not even there yet. The smell also reminds me of what a loving husband I have.

So I’ve been trying to wrap up loose ends before I leave in the morning. Today I got another circle journal passed on its way. The theme for this journal was Virtue & Vice.

My addition to this journal:





It’s hard to see, but I wrote lots on the Virtue page in white gel pen. After building a basic collage for each page, I had fun with spray paint, stencils, and a rarity for me, glitter.

My heart is displayed on the page as the words reflect my view on Virtue and Vice:

I’ve made enough bad choices in this life. I’d prefer the good, but that doesn’t always happen.

According to Noah Webster:

Virtue: Moral goodness; the practice of moral duties and the abstaining from vice, or a conformity of life and conversation to the moral law. In this sense, virtue may be, and in many instances must be, distinguished from religion. The practice of moral duties merely from motives of convenience, or from compulsion, or from regard to reputation, is virtue, as distinct from religion. The practice of moral duties from sincere love to God and his laws, is virtue and religion. In this sense it is true,  that virtue only makes our bliss below. Virtue is nothing but voluntary obedience to truth.

Vice: In ethics, any voluntary action or course of conduct which deviates from the rules of moral rectitude, or from the plain rules of propriety; any moral unfitness of conduct, either from defect of duty, or from the transgression of known principles of rectitude. Vice differs from crime, in being less enormous. We never call murder or robbery a vice; but every act of intemperance, all falsehood, duplicity, deception, lewdness and the like, is a vice. The excessive indulgence of passions and appetites which in themselves are innocent, is a vice. The smoking of tobacco and the taking of snuff, may in certain cases be innocent and even useful, but these practices may be carried to such an excess as to become vices. This word is also used to denote a habit of transgressing; as a life of vice. Vice is rarely a solitary invader; it usually brings with it a frightful train of followers.

My desire is to be obedient to truth. By trusting that God’s word is true, my desire naturally follows to be obedient to His word. I, like all of mankind, am so far from perfect, but it is a true and heartfelt desire of mine, a passion even, to be obedient to God. When one has received a love so immense, how else can one respond but with total surrender? So I pray that any vice that may be found in my life would be revealed to me and tossed in the flames. This continues to happen as God transforms my life, molds me. I am continually convicted about attitudes and actions that I display. One step at a time I am changed.

My thoughts go to Gladys Aylward, missionary to China in the 1930s, who was named by the people of her community, Ai-weh-deh, Virtuous Woman. Well named, she devoted her life to utter obedience to truth. What a beautiful example of virtue her life displayed. A great read about her life is Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman.

And next week I get to visit the home of another virtuous and inspiring woman, Corrie ten Boom. Can’t wait! The Hiding Place, written by Corrie ten Boom, is one of my absolute favorite books of all time, a very intense look into her own life.

So tomorrow morning I’m off to Fried Chicken, uh, I mean Amsterdam. I’m hoping to keep you posted on all we experience, and for fun I’ve added the Amsterdam clock at the top of the left sidebar. Let’s hope we all adjust quickly to the time difference!

amanda ∞

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  1. i have been so busy i am out of facebook lately glad i catch you before you fly to ams…..ENJOY HAVE FUN we are 3h flight away ams and lisbon are quiet close! take plenty of photos so we can enjoy too. best to you dear friend

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