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Free hand sewing

Art Every Day Month – Day 2

Stitches were added to the Remains of the Day journal I’ve been working on.

Oh darning attachment, how I love thee. Your free movement and imperfect ways have captured my heart.
True love

I still have more stitching to do, and a tie closure. Then I get to add the inwards.
My first ROD journal cover

The colorful patches are strips of old unused vintage quilt blocks.
Strips of vintage quilt blocks

The kitties were stitched long ago onto a pillowcase.

The flowers, also from a pillowcase.

My first ROD journal cover

Now to attend to the mound of laundry that swallowed my couch. It’s good to have my priorities straight, creative time first, then the chores.

amanda ∞

6 Comments on “Free hand sewing”

  1. I took this class also. I never got around to making one completely, but luckily my Aunt also took the class and made one for me. I just cannot take my beast (sewing machine.)


  2. It is fun to again see what you are creating. Regular fits of creativity are always good for my soul.

  3. I’m glad we have the same priorities!! This is so cute and the vintage touches warm my heart!

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