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Food for the day

Today the kitchen has been humming. We made a couple loaves of rye bread. The fun part of that is using our new grain grinder. And I’m cooking corned beef. Reuben sandwiches are in our future.What’s fermenting in my kitchen, you ask? Well, today we have ketchup, kimchi, and gingered carrots. The ketchup goes in the frig today, and the other two sit on the counter for three more days before they are refrigerated. We also have eight fresh jars of cucumbers in the frig fermenting (they aren’t pickles yet). Costco now carries the perfect sized cucumbers to make pickles. With my food processor, whey, and wide-mouth jars, canning has never been so easy.

Tomorrow our family is serving our favorite ladies Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potatoes, rye bread, and a delicious lime jello salad with cucumbers and cottage cheese mixed in. Another person is bringing a mystery dessert. Sounds delicious.

Tonight for dinner, frozen pizza!

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