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From Edith Schaeffer’s The Hidden Art of Homemaking, chapter 12, Clothing:

“Since ancient times people have been concerned to dress ‘correctly’, which usually just means dressing in the fashion of the period. Attached to this whole subject of fashion, however, are many other topics. Does it matter how we dress? Is it a sign of spirituality to be dowdy? Are certain clothes and styles positively ‘wrong’? And are other positively ‘right’? Certainly some Christians have asked these questions, and sometimes they have come up with some very strange answers.”

Edith goes on to encourage displaying creativity in dress, just as God beautifully and creatively clothes the grass of the field.

I don’t keep up with fashion well. Number one, I don’t really like to shop unless I’m in that perfect mood. Number two, my budget could not allow for me to keep up with the ever changing fashions. I have noticed that I tend to gravitate to vintage pieces and wear them until the seams fall apart, and in some cases, I mend the seams and keep on wearing.

One favorite shirt of mine I recently retired. My mom made it for herself in the early ’70’s. After she passed it on to me, I wore it so much that the oil from my body changed the color of the material. Although I have mended many seams, it is literally falling to pieces. I love the style so much that I borrowed mom’s old pattern and made a new shirt for myself.

If the clothing isn’t old, it must be comfortable. I think this comes from the years I had to wear a business suit to work each day. Pantyhose is no longer a piece in my wardrobe. They have been replaced with really long socks in the winter, and bare legs in the summer. Aaaahhhh.

What’s my style? Sporty, retro, farm girl, all at the same time. God made me this way. I feel most comfortable when I can dress in what strikes my fancy for the day. Today that happened to be moccasin boots and my shirt made of Civil War Era fabric. My man said I needed a buck knife strapped to my hip today, but I didn’t think Wild Oats would appreciate the accessory when I was out grocery shopping. 

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  1. I love your moccassin boots! I have been looking for boots that don’t have any heel. I don’t know if the moccassin boot would do though. I need them to walk snow. 🙁

    They definitely won’t do in the snow. I wear them as much as possible in the fall.
    I don’t like heels on my boots (or other shoes for that matter) either.

  2. Amanda, honestly, I think we were separated at birth…LOL…I love to just be myself, what ever the mood calls for. Our budget calls for most of our clothing to be thrifted, I am pretty resourceful though and I make some clothing too. I end up wearing a lot of vintage, because I love it so. Have a wondeful day my friend, Tami

    Just think. If we lived closer, we could share and have twice the vintage wardrobe as before!

  3. Awesome boots!

    LOL… I doubt I’d wear them myself because I pretty much don’t like boots except my hiking boots. BUT, if I saw someone else wearing them I would think to myself, “Now THAT is a person I want to meet!” It does my heart good when I see folks that are fashionable without being a slave to fashion. 🙂

  4. I agree that individuality is something to be celebrated. Every hair on our heads is unique, known and celebrated by that special ‘Someone’. Each culture features the unique diversity possible in God’s creation…it’s infinite, isn’t it? My ability to be an individual in a world that pushes assimilation is partly what sets me apart for my Creator. Perhaps one of the reasons vintage is so loved is the connection it gives us to people from the past.

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