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Featured Monthly Gathering at Studio Joy!

A new FREE monthly art journaling group is beginning Sunday, June 8!

It started like this in 2012: Joy Journal Project

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I absolutely loved the Joy Journal Project. This was a curriculum that I wrote specifically for the goal of expressing joy, appreciation and storytelling through art journaling. A new assignment was posted online each month for those who couldn’t meet with the group. They are all still available for free on my sidebar. It was fantastic. It was also a lot of work. After a year of production, I was ready for a break.

So then it went like this in 2013: Journal Fodder 365

Journal fodder 365

This book was a great way to transition from writing the assignment each month. The excellent work of David R. Modler and Eric M. Scott, the Journal Junkies, was at our fingertips. The local group continued to meet each month, but the online interaction was not available for this group. And by the end of a year, I am so ready to dive into my own material again.

Now it’s going this way:

Lectio Divina Art Journaling

A FREE monthly art journaling class exploring Scripture.

Facilitator: Amanda Jolley


Ready for more, ready to go deeper, and ready to lead the creative direction, I will be providing a monthly Scripture, will lead the group in the practice of Lectio Divina, and then we will all dive in to express our experience via art journaling.

If you’ve not experienced Lectio Divina before, here’s a bit of what to expect. There are four movements of Lectio Divina.

The first movement, Lectio, is a process of quieting the soul and reading over a selected text, tuning in to a word or phrase that stirs the soul.
The second movement is Meditatio, a reflecting and expanding on that word or phrase.
The third movement, Oratio, refers to verbal prayer, a response of sorts to the prior two movements. (We will be praying silently in the group.)
And finally, Comtemplatio is resting in the thoughts and feelings that came to mind during this process.

We will be adding a fifth movement for this class, Responsio, in which we explore the experience through painting and collage in our journals.

If you’d like a more expansive understanding of the practice, a great book to read is Lectio Divina, the Sacred Heart: Transforming Words and Images into Heart-Centered Prayer by Christine Valters Paintner, but no book is required for this monthly class.

I will provide a passage each month, but feel free to use one that has captured your attention instead. This class is not about creating works of art in our journals, but rather about exploring and seeking more from Scripture and capturing our thoughts about the experience in word, color and imagery. We will meet the second Sunday of each month beginning June 8 for the minimum of one year and will re-evaluate in April of 2015.

Next class:
Date: Sun, June 8, 2014
Time: 2-5ish
Place: Studio Joy!, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 64109

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Please bring your own favorite supplies for this class. If you are unsure what to bring, see the list below as a suggestion.

General Supply List:

  • a journal with sturdy pages such as the Moleskine Sketchbook, a Strathmore Visual Journal, or any artist journal with thick, sturdy pages or watercolor paper. A journal with thin writing paper will not be able to sustain the weight we will be adding to some pages.
  • a pen that is comfortable in your hand and has a nice flow while writing. Some of my favorites include the Uniball Impact 207, the Copic Ink Pen, and the Sakura Gelly Roll. There are many satisfying pens available. Use what you enjoy.
  • a few fluid acrylic paints of your color choice OR watercolor paints.
  • gesso if you prefer acrylic paint.
  • water tub, like an old, large yogurt container
  • wax paper
  • paper towels
  • gel medium. My favorite is Golden Soft Gel (Matte) Medium, but any brand will do. ModgePodge also works great.
  • a discarded magazine or junk mail catalog (for applying gel medium, not for your journal)
  • scissors, preferably comfortable in your hand
  • various paint brushes. A cheap set will do with just a few various brush sizes similar to this. A wider brush will be used for applying gesso.
  • a plastic card like a discarded credit or gift card.
  • a paint palette (paper plate or scrap of wax paper will do).

Most of these supplies can be purchased with coupons at Hobby LobbyMichaelsUtrechtCreative Coldsnow, or other local art supply stores. If you have trouble locating something, or have questions, please email me and I’ll be glad to help. No need to purchase something new if you have a like-item or substitute.


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