12 thoughts on “Farewell Gloria

  1. Scott says:

    That little sweetie pie was the same one who ripped up the carpet in your downstairs bathroom! Little stinker pie is a better description!

  2. Karen Mowrey says:

    Amanda, how horrible! We are dog people and your loss is felt here. The only way we have ever recovered from loss is to adopt a new rescue in need of a home and replenish the circle of love. So sorry!

  3. Andrea B. says:

    Amanda ~ I found your site through a link from the Art Every Day group site on flikr, and being the animal-lover I am, I just had to say how sorry I am for the loss of your precious Gloria 🙁

  4. Patti Koosed says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog.
    I can just imagine the pain you are going through. I don’t want to think about life without my dogs. Again, so sorry.
    Bless your heart Amanda

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