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Art Every Day Month – Day 22
I have done many gel transfers over the past few years. Day 22 was my day to struggle with a simple gel transfer. At least I have that over with.

AEDM – Day 23

Working through Faces: All Norah’s

One supply I needed for this online workshop that I forgot to pick up was carbon paper. Hmmm, I remembered having something like that in my file cabinet. Not quite what I needed, but this 1953 sewing tracing paper worked in a pinch.
Carbon Tracing PaperTracing Paper 1953

Face on canvasFace beginning layersFace more layers

Getting there bit by bit and enjoying the process.

My favorite moment this evening was when my man came to join me in the studio.
Live music

He makes my heart melt.

Late this afternoon I began to feel some twinges of seasonal affective disorder. This year I will lean into it, and through open communication, I will lean on my support team. I have learned it is better to suffer with support and love then to suffer alone trying to wish it away.

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