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That describes class yesterday, fabulous. The Soldering Pendants: Skinnies & Baubles class focuses on using sentimental objects or interesting jewelry remnants to build a story and make a grouping of soldered pendants with the remnants. I am enthralled by watching others go through the process, observing the pieces they choose to incorporate, the stories they tell. And yesterday, the whole class was in a very creative groove. I was highly inspired by each one of them.

My greatest disappointment was not properly capturing the beauty of their pieces. My eyes are at that age in which I am learning to adjust and use reading glasses. I didn’t think to use the glasses when I took the pictures and couldn’t tell if my photos were in focus. I am sad to say that most of them weren’t, but you can get the idea.

The next soldering class offered is Beeswax Infused Soldered Pendant & Earrings on August 18. I am excited about this class as I’ll be sharing a combination of two of my creative loves, beeswax and soldering. Also, for those of you that have been wanting to attend, but have not fit it into your schedule, this will be the last soldering class offered in 2012.

I really find great satisfaction in teaching, in sharing the creative process with others. Watching that spark in the eyes of the students as they formulate a plan inspires me so greatly that I often find myself bouncing new ideas of my own off of their unique creations. It’s a strange paradox of feeding others so that I may in turn be fed. Yesterday after class, I was very full.


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