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Art Every Day Month 2010 begins today! Without a moment to spend in the studio, I took advantage of my kitchen time with some retro cam experimentation.

Today fermented green tomatoes were prepared, so I had fun experimenting with the Retro Cam app on my HTC Evo.

The Bärbl

Fermented Green Tomatoes - The Barbl

The Pinhole

Fermented Green Tomatoes - The Pinhole

Xolaroid 2000

Fermented Green Tomatoes - Xolaroid 2000

The Little Orange Box

Fermented Green Tomatoes - The Little Orange Box

The FudgeCan

Fermented Green Tomatoes - The FudgeCan

What did I discover? Photographing fermented tomatoes with the RetroCam app is not so exciting. This is an app for people.

Moi – The Bärbl

Moi - The Barbl

Mama – Xolaroid 2000

Mama - Xolaroid 2000

Swoon – The FudgeCan

Swoon - The FudgeCan

My Gal Pal – The Little Orange Box

My Gal Pal - The Little Orange Box

Son Shine – The Little Orange Box

Son Shine - The Little Orange Box

Dotter Dear – The Pinhole

Dotter Dear - The Pinhole

Swoon again – The Pinhole

The Man - The Pinhole

Nothing like a little photo fun to add some creative spark to my day.

amanda ∞

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