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Enjoying Creation

Yes, I’ve committed to another challenge. I am going to do art every day in the month of November, and I’m going to share it with you. What creative thing did I do today? I worshiped and praised while taking a hike with some others from our homeschool group. God’s art is the most inspiring of all. My art, which has been inspired by God’s art, will follow with a post tomorrow. I have some sketching to attempt tonight.

Yes, silly me, hugging a tree.

My daughter was creative today as she took most of the photos. I’m hoping she will post them on her blog for all to see. (Hint, hint.)

I am finding that committing to challenges really helps me to accomplish goals, develop habits, and dig deeper into areas of interest. I greatly appreciated what Creative Every Day had to say yesterday on her Wednesday Wellness post. It is well worth the read.

With my last challenge, I trained myself to conquer the overload of stuff with the Purge Stuff Challenge. I’d also like to give a big congratulations to those who participated. Scrappy Kea used this as a great opportunity to purge as she packed to move. Homeschool in the Pines shared a wonderful resource for organizing school stuff. And since I live relatively close to Deus Audiam, I heard first hand of her mighty stories of purging. Say yes to less.

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  1. Amanda, So nice to see a pic of you. I came into the purge challenge late in the game, so I am continuing on with it. It is a process and a journey I am finding. Have a very blessed night, Tami

    Ridding the home of too much stuff is a process and a journey. While the challenge is over for me, I am so glad to have established a pattern of decrease. Enjoy your journey.

  2. Glad to hear that the purge challenge was not only a success, but also a positive influence to others:)

    Btw, I don’t literally hug trees, but I’ve been labeled a treehugger.

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