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EncaustiCamp Supply List


July is just around the bend. Five more weeks until EncaustiCamp! This year I’ll be teaching Encaustic Encapsulation, a technique I developed combining wax and soldering, as featured in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s latest book, Encaustic Revelation.

I’ve had a few questions from students about the supply list, so thought an expanded version might be of help:

Soldering iron with 1/8-1/4” chisel tip, 100w with internal temperature control OR lower wattage soldering iron with a rheostat.

Back in 2013, I wrote a review of soldering irons in the blog post, Confessions of a Tool Thief. It still holds true, so take a read.

GOOD — The chisel tip needed for the jewelry making will have two flat sides that meet at the end like this: 41HoCAmRiiL._SL1050_
or this: 41aksirzUeL._SX522_

BAD — A cone shaped tip will NOT work well for our application, so if your tip looks like this: 31EdW2ghP-L please replace it with a chisel tip.

Sturdy stand for soldering iron.

Most irons come with a flimsy little stand like this: 31xCNgyOTSL
If you are the tiniest bit clumsy, please spend a little more and get something more like this: 31R8saiDz-L
If you purchased the Weller Marksman Soldering Station or something similar, your stand will already be sturdy. Weller 80 watt solder station

Flux brush or small cheap paintbrush

like this: 71i+9v6IlOL._SX522_ These are super cheap.


Preferably with a sharp tip. No kiddy scissors. They don’t have to be large though.


Yes, just a plain old kichen sponge. A little sponge comes with most sturdy soldering stands. We will be using this larger sponge for a couple different applications, so it is still a necessary tool.

Old hand towel.

This will be laid in your lap. A standard bathroom hand towel is the perfect size.

Soldering mat, old cookie sheet, silicone baking mat, or piece of plywood to be used as a worksurface, minimum size 10×12”.

If you are flying, the silicone baking mat would be the easiest to bring. It is very lightweight and easy to pack.
If you are local, a cheap ceramic floor tile from the hardward store, usually a couple bucks, works just great. Or if you have an old cookie sheet in the cupboard, just use that. I do not suggest using it for baking after you’ve established it as a soldering surface though.

Flat or bent nose pliers for attaching jump rings.

I prefer the bent nose like this,  31Yr5+nhLzL  but flat nose pliers also work great. Just be sure they are NOT the round nose pliers.

Parallel grip flat nose pliers.

This is my favorite tool for soldering46.526  Be sure they have a smooth jaw, not serrated. I believe most are smooth unless otherwise noted.
But please know that although this tool is awesome, it is not essential. You can get by with a clothespin just fine. 419psSdnE3L._AA160_

Fid or bone folder for burnishing.

A fid is a stained glass tool for burnishing. There are a couple shapes available.
I prefer the straight fid. 41CfFpICWmL._SL1112_
If you already have a bone folder, it will work perfectly. 51lui1J5m2L._SL1500_
And once again, the edge of a clothes pin will substitute for both of these tools.


All of the above items were found on the Amazon marketplace. If you have any questions about these items, please contact me and I’ll get right back with you.
I will be providing the rest of the supplies such as lead-free solder, flux, glass, copper tape, etc.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some teasers of what we can make in class. See you all oh-so-soon!

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