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Well, a month has passed since my return from EncaustiCamp in Seattle, WA, and I still don’t know that I have fully absorbed the experience. Or perhaps I am still coming to terms with the changes within. EncaustiCamp has become a regular catalyst for me. I never know how I will change or in what direction I will turn, but it has become a time of refining and defining. If I were butter, the fusion of EncaustiCamp would make me clarified butter. Mmmm, butter. Anyway, rather than wax poetic about the changes within, I’ll share with you the fabulous instruction from the workshops I attended.

First up, Boxing Encaustic taught by Crystal Neubauer. I was fortunate to have a class with Crystal a couple years ago, so I knew I was in for a treat. Crystal is a profound collage artist, so is able to approach encaustic from this perspective. I love texture, paper, layers, story. Combine all of these with wax in box form and enter into the delight of Crystal’s workshop. We worked both in and outside the box.

Photo by Betti "BZ" Zucker
Photo by Betti “BZ” Zucker

Inside the box #encaustic #origami #collage
#encaustic #box #encausticamp

That evening we had a great demo on color theory by Sue Stover. Everyone was diligently taking notes, soaking in her wisdom. Sue mixes all her encaustic paint colors and has a delicious palette. We were all eager to learn her process.

Sue Stover

The next day I was introduced to the world of synthetic manipulation by Shary Bartlett. We torched and waxed such materials as Tyvek and Lutrador to use as sculptural elements. The experimental door cracked wide open in this class. With not enough time in the day to play with all the possibilities, I will continue the experimentation in my studio.

Photo by Betti "BZ" Zucker
Photo courtesy of Betti “BZ” Zucker

That evening, a couple surprise featured artists shared techniques. One of them was me.

Photo by Betti "BZ" Zucker
Photo by Betti “BZ” Zucker

I shared such as knowledge as how to steal your husband’s tools, and how to make these waxy wonders:
I am in love #solder #encaustic #feather #magic

The other guest artist was Kathryn Bevier of Enkaustikos fame.

Photo by Betti "BZ" Zucker
Photo by Betti “BZ” Zucker

She shared the wonders of the Enkaustikos Hot Tools such as the Wax Writer. She was so persuasive, I now am a proud owner of one myself.

We took a break to run around Seattle for a day, enjoying Pike’s Place Market, Daniel Smith and Pioneer Square, but the best happened that evening with a gallery opening, SWARM: a journey of creation in beeswax, at Hanson Scott Gallery featuring none other than Sue, Patricia, and Crystal!

Photo and editing by Jean K. Brown
Photo and editing by Jean K. Brown

My final workshop day was with The One Who Started It All, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. Oh the fun we had using tjanting tools, leaving our marks on plaster and wood and dyeing our boards with indigo and other dye baths for more layers of goodness. These techniques made for such interest in the foundation of the encaustic painting. I made piles of these foundations and look forward to experimentation in completing them.


Something exciting was happening during this year’s EncaustiCamp, a book was in the making. Photo shoots were being done of each of the instructor’s techniques and class offerings, a chapter for each. I’m so honored to have a chapter in the book on my waxy soldered jewelry as well! The beauty and essence of EncaustiCamp was captured to share with the world. Coming out in next summer is EncaustiCamp the book by North Light Books!

Highlighting the workshops and the very cool techniques we learned cannot fully encapsulate the EncaustiCamp experience. I’ve left so much out here such as the wonderful introduction from all of the instructors, the fusing tools reviewed by Michelle Belto, the evenings sharing our lives  and our wine in the courtyard, the amazing collaboration pieces from our instructors sold to set aside a scholarship fund for next year…. The people, the place, the wax all stirred together creates a big pot of pure joy. Smiles were ear to ear. We wanted to be together, and weren’t ready to part. Hugs and smiles. Promises of next year. I love this family of mine.

Photo by Daniel Seggebruch
Photo by Daniel Seggebruch

If encaustic painting interests you at all, or you are wanting to dive deeper into to experimentation and exploration, I encourage you to join me next year for EncaustiCamp 2014 in Seattle, WA. Or if you are in Australia (or would love to travel there), Encausticamp is coming to Australia in October 2014. Or if you’d like to join me in Bali, yes, EncaustiCamp (and I) will be there at the end of October 2014. Oh my, are we going to have fun. I encourage you to hold your spot by registering today or very, very soon.

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  1. Susan Metcalfe says:

    You captured the magic wonderfully. As a newbie this year, I can wholeheartedly encourage anyone to take a walk on the waxy side…you will be welcomed into this warm community!

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