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EncaustiCamp 2012

EncaustiCamp was an amazing repeat of last year’s event. This year I added a few extra days to my trip to soak in the beauty of  Oregon. One of my first stops was at Stumptown to liven my flight weary brain.  I was introduced to Stumptown coffee in Port Townsend, WA at the Undertown and am now a verified fan.

The the small bit of Oregon’s coastline that I traveled was stunning.  I was every so thankful that I remembered my socks and my jacket, because it was just as chilly as it was beautiful. Such a violent switch from Kansas City’s 110 degree heat I left behind. I made it only as south as Newport to climb the 114 steps of the oldest lighthouse on the Oregon coast before I had to head back towards Portland.

I made it back to Portland in time to help Jess Greene set up for a Jumpstart Creativity event. At this one, I had the fortune of meeting Linda Womack who demoed encaustic monotype. Everyone loved playing with that. And I was so happy to see my friend, Lulu, and her husband there. Refreshment in the presence of friends.

The next morning the EncaustiCamp crew gathered at VooDoo Doughnuts for a hearty breakfast of sugar and coffee. Of course I had to try the bacon, maple donut, and it was as tasty as I had dreamed.

We then were off to Scrap and Muse.

Becky & Betti have more room in their luggage for the flight home. They hit the jackpot.

I really had to restrain myself with the shopping as my suitcase weight load was already at its maximum.

That afternoon, a group of us had the pleasure of meeting Karl Kaiser at the Attic Gallery.

He kindly shared about his paintings, his techniques, and answered all of our questions thoroughly and patiently. After admiring his paintings online, I was thrilled to be able to view up close.

I really find great pleasure in meeting other artists who are open to sharing without fear of jeopardizing their niche.

That evening we gathered at the campus of the Western Mennonite School where our camp officially began. What a peaceful environment for learning artistic technique. The organizer, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, has a knack for making everyone there feel like family.

My first class the next day was Wax & Paper taught by Michelle Belto.

Our extremely knowledgeable instructor, Michelle Belto.

My neighbor and I made paper together about 15 years ago during the time period I first began to explore my own creativity. In learning the correct way to make paper, I found that my neighbor and I were not too far off.

In class, I really enjoyed following a process from beginning to end in which the whole piece, substrate and all, were made by me. Oh yea, and I have this thing for paper.

So paper was incorporated into my second day as Bridgette Guerzon-Mills taught us how to paint and construct an encaustic journal.

Bridgette sharing her wealth of techniques for encaustic painting

She provided handmade papers from Guatemala for our journals. I’ve always loved journals, but have never learned to bind my own.

Learning the binding stitch in which I believe I reached a book binder’s high.

Learning a simple binding stitch has revolutionized the way I will be approaching journals from here forward.

Back cover of my journal: self portrait

Front cover of my journal: also a self portrait

Our group bonded even more the next day as we toured museums, galleries, wineries and a dairy in the Salem area. Oregon is just so beautiful.

My last day of class, Sue Stover shared her vast knowledge of batik and how to incorporate into encaustic painting. I fell in love the the tjanting tool and found such freedom and flow with making marks using the tool on the various papers (yes, more paper) provided for us.

Time no longer existed as we played and experimented.

Bye Oregon *waving soulfully

I flew home a week ago. Still haven’t quite gotten back into the swing of things. Perhaps it’s the heat. Perhaps I’m just missing my encaustic family.

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  1. What a wonderful trip and experience….thanks for sharing! ( I think it is the heat!(:–(

  2. It was so great getting to spend time with you again at EncaustiCamp. Great blog post and even better memories.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful blog to help me remember a fabulous week and lucky me getting to meet you and become friends. hugs bz miss your smile and wisdom

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