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Encaustic painting

Yes, I’m alive, but have been much too responsible lately. About a month ago, I was packing for Artfest 2010. Seems like it was only yesterday.

This year I was so thrilled to be a student of Patricia Seggebruch in her Encaustic Play class. To gear up for the class, I read her book, Encaustic Workshop, which not only prepared me, but also inspired me. But to actually work hands-on with the wax was so exhilarating. I’m hooked. Now to shop for supplies.

To begin, I need a griddle, and some unrefined beeswax. Patricia’s favorite supplier is R&F Handmade Paints. I also love the Ampersand Clayboard on which I painting the wax. What I used in the class were flat panels, but the 2″ Deep Clayboard looks fabulous with this medium.

This class was even more fun because I was surrounded by friends. Alex on one side, Adeola on the other.

My first attempts were quite fun, but I found that the more wax I applied, the more satisfied I was with the outcome. We layered color, imprinted, scraped,  gouged, and embedded.

My daughter had loaned me some of her pottery tools which worked wonderfully with the wax. I also brought an antique cookie press tip which imprinted great circles.

This class made my head swirl with ideas. The bonus was the total escape into right-brain world that my body had been so longing for. Just revisiting the day in my mind makes me melt with longing. Dreaming…

amanda ∞

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  1. i was thinking about you yesterday unbelievebable…..telepathy!!! i too love patricia ‘s class tryied with the wax i have at home but without the colors it’s not so fun at all so i’m just waiting to have another flight to the states to order at the hotel r and f paints. it was so fun you are right our creative side just flows……once month since artfest gggggrrrrrrr……..time flies xo

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