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Encaustic fever

Encaustic collage teeny tiles

Artfest is fast approaching, only 2 weeks away! Besides taking classes from incredible teachers, one very important aspect of Artfest is the connection to a tribe of creatives. As a way to share a small part of our lives, we trade a little something with each other. While trading is optional, I absolutely love these tangible reminders of awesomeness. The flatter trades like ATCs and Moo cards are pasted in my Artfest journal. The charms and chunkier items are added to my Artfest treasure box. I love to incorporate little pieces of Artfest in my creations throughout the rest of the year.

In the past I’ve traded soldered marble charms and soldered acorn charms. This year I have encaustic fever. Idea!! Tiny encaustic collage pieces that can be used as textural interest in a larger collage. As I got in the rhythm of building these little pieces, I noticed how incredibly cool they looked arranged all together in a group. Now my mind is whirring with possibilities, new ideas, experiments to test. Fever!

Encaustic collage teeny tile mosaic

Symptoms of encaustic fever:

  • waxy fingers
  • tiny scraps of paper littered around the studio
  • piles of unfolded laundry
  • empty refrigerator
  • hungry children
  • large, encroaching dust bunnies
  • messy, unkempt bed

On top of this fever (it may be contagious, just warning ya), I am focusing on beefing up my newly opened Etsy shop. My soldering iron has been sizzling hot. There is still time to enter the drawing for the “Who’s Your Sister” soldered pendant. Just go to the Grand Opening Day! post and leave a comment.

Eventually I will be carrying a line of encaustic pieces in my shop, but not until after Artfest. I don’t want to hinder the teeny tiny encaustic tile assembly line.


5 Comments on “Encaustic fever”

  1. I love these and I love playing with wax. I did something similar last year, but haven’t even started on anything for this year! eeeks! Anyway, yours are beautiful!

  2. Amanda – I love these and would love to trade – I can use your encaustic art in my Saturday class…wood collage totems by Karen Michel!

  3. Really nice design choices for the tiles, Amanda, plus they look like they are great to touch as well. There is something yummy about encaustic, I have to agree!

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