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This has been a good purging day. We found a homeschooling family that has nothing. Now all the books in my basement have a home, plus some old lamps, blankets, etc.

I had the most fun purging an old box of elementary art of mine. A couple themes recurred in my artwork, witches and girls lost in forests. I’m not sure what that was about. As images sparked memories, I realized that I have always loved art, and I was never a bad artist. I wonder at what point I sentenced myself to be uncreative? Was it negative words from others, or lack of encouragement? I’m not sure, but it happened.
I like to swing in the air. (age 5)
a view from the “old age home” (age 9)
girl in blue with extremely short arms (age 11)

I think at some point the art became about performance and comparison rather than enjoyment of the process. I’m glad to have regressed.

amanda ∞

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  1. I love it, Amanda. Drawing was one of my great loves as a child, That and running :~).
    I should go through my elementary art and put it into some whimsical portfolio for my kiddos to enjoy. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood love. I have regressed also to the point of giving myself permission be creative simply for the preocess. BTW, I have begun an altered book journal, loosely following Salt’s blog. I’ll post about it soon. Thanks for all the inspiration. Love and blessings, Tami

    Do you still love to run? I do hope you show some of the work in your art journal. The photos you display are quite artful. They capture more than the image.

  2. I can’t believe the treasures you found in that box. I don’t think I have any of the pictures I drew when I was young, but I can tell you about a memory you sparked. I couldn’t figure out how to do hands so whenever I drew people their hands were behind them…

    Perpetually in a position of Parade Rest: silent unless otherwise spoken to, never at rest… how sad for my drawings. 🙂

    I still can’t draw hands well. My daughter often draws the arms in a way that the hands are concealed as well. Hmmm.

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