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Drums in the street

Every year around this time, the drumming group that meets across the alley does their neighborhood march. Some dress in Mardis Gras fashion, some not, but all carry some sort of percussion or noise making instrument except, of course, the flame throwers.The moment I heard a drum beat from the street, I knew tonight was the night. We quickly ran outside.

This year we joined them. My husband ran back for a snare drum. We danced, marched and clapped along.

They would occasionally pause in the street for a jam session as we meandered through our neighborhood.

Or the flame throwers would circle up and put on a show.

This does occur annually, but the weather is not always so warm as tonight. No matter the temperature, they march. Last year it was freezing cold with the ground covered in snow. The snow really caught the light as the flame spun in the air, and the sound reverberated more deeply in the cold winter air.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love our neighborhood?

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6 Comments on “Drums in the street”

  1. We wondered what was going on. Next year we will hurry to join them also. If you get advanced notice let us know so I don’t have to be aroused from a sound sleep.

  2. It is amazing to see the mosaic of cultures that exist in the USA. Nothing close to that would ever happen in our neighborhood. Especially at this time of year when many of the older neighbors have left to winter in the south…

    Your neighborhood has much, much more character!

  3. Hi mom!
    You forgot to mention that someone called the police for disturbing the peace and they shut us down.


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