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Directions – Bible Study for Discipleship

Our family is doing this Bible study together. Each one of us loves it. We’ve done individual studies, and done Bible reading as a family, but this is our first study as a family.


This interactive Bible study is designed to give you the essential directions you need to grow and develop as a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you are a new disciple of Jesus Christ, this study is a good place to begin to get the directions you need for continued growth. The word disciple means learner, and you must never stop learning more about God. So, even if you have been traveling down God’s path for quite a long time, you will find directions here that will both confirm and affirm your relationship with God.”

This workbook is designed for a new believer and a not-so-new believer to go through together. It can be done one on one, or in a group setting. There are 5 days of homework each week, and then a regular time is set up for the two or group to get together and go over what they’ve learned and how to apply this truth to their lives in a tangible way.

Although much of the information taught is basic, I have been amazed how much closer it has brought our family spiritually as we share what God has shown us during our homework, or how we have lived examples of God’s truth in our lives.

I am also going through this book with a couple people at VERONICA’s Voice, and it has been pure blessing there as well.

My truly favorite thing about this book is that it is designed to build relationships right along with learning God’s word. Is this not what discipleship is all about? Love it.

And it is written by one of my favorite people.

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