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For some time, our family struggled with diligence. I take responsibility for this sin. I am a poor teacher on diligence in many areas. My attention span and memory are both short, so my ability to get side-tracked is limitless. But over the years I have improved due to God’s training and correction in my life. There is great reward in diligence, the biggest one for me being Less Stress. My difficulty was in teaching diligence to my children.One of my greatest struggles with homeschooling has always been keeping my children on task and holding them responsible for their lack of diligence. We struggled for years with messy rooms, undone school work, uncompleted chores, because I lack the follow through to see that they were doing their work. As I came to see my sinfulness in this area, we as a family would address it and discuss ways to change. Slowly we have made progress.

This school year, my daughter has really struggled with getting her schoolwork done on a timely basis. She was always getting behind. My husband and I timed her work, made schedules for her, kept at her to do the next task, but it was torturous for all of us. She lacked motivation. We were not the motivation she needed. And when she did complete the schoolwork assigned, her chores would be left undone.

Then something inside her seemed to click. She says she doesn’t know what it was that motivated her to get her responsibilities done, but she did it, once, on a timely basis. And since then, she has done so well. I think she realized that having all that stuff done released a load of stress and allowed for free time that she enjoyed.

She still doesn’t know why she started being diligent, but I am so relieved that she did. I am less frustrated with her. And she has the free time to explore different directions she didn’t have time for before. She has started a mosaic project, helped with gardening while it was warm, worked on editing projects to earn $$$, practiced her soccer techniques, all without the guilt of knowing her work wasn’t done. The house has been cleaner, her room has been neater, and her attitude refreshing and motivating.

Diligence provides freedom. Through diligence we are able to attain that time of rest that we all need. Personally, my goal is to be very careful not to add too much to my schedule so that I am able to complete my work. Then if I don’t get it done, I know it is because I have allowed myself to get distracted.

Prayer is a big part of diligence. If I allow God to lead all my activities and responsibilities, then I know that I will be able to accomplish them. He will not give me more than I am able to do unless His plan is for someone else to pick up where I left off. If I pray about each thing that is set before me and listen carefully, He will guide me each step of the way.

God has been leading me in some new directions lately. He has been calling me to lead some Bible studies with a couple different groups. I am stepping into this prayerfully. From my perspective it will be too much, but I must stand on the knowledge that if it is His will, I will be able to accomplish it.

I thank God for the beautiful picture of diligence that He gave me through my daughter. My prayer for her is that she reaps the rewards of diligence and these rewards keep her diligent. And that she is chastised for times when her diligence slips. Her diligence has given me the affirmation that I must remain diligent. I must abide. So although she doesn’t know why she changed, I believe God was using her as a picture to help me grow. God does things like that all the time.

Thank you, Lord.

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